February 28, 2021

Discord update

The Discord server is constantly growing and is currently at nearly 3000 members. The community that has evolved around it is amazing, and is a perfect compliment to the bot which is why this week’s Sunday update is mainly focused on Discord improvements.

Reaction roles

To make it easier to get the notifications you want we now use a feature called “reaction roles”. The new channel “roles” hosts a message which you can react to with a proper emoji to be notified as soon as the bot or the community announce a stock update.

An example: reacting with the :ps5de emoji will automatically subscribe you to all notifications regarding german PS5 stock updates.

Community-curated channels

We’ve got a new category called community-curated which hosts channels that are curated by you, the community.

To write to these channels you need to gain the “Trusted” role (which is gained by simply being active in the community) and using one of the following commands:

  • !ps5-drop <shop link and optional short description>
  • !rtx3000-drop <shop link and optional short description>
  • !rx6000-drop <shop link and optional short description>
  • !ryzen5000-drop <shop link and optional short description>


!ps5-drop https://www.mediamarkt.at/de/product/_sony-playstation%C2%AE5-1797339.html mit Warenkorb Trick

This would send your message to the ps5c channel with the proper message.

Keep in mind that you’re automatically subscribed to these channels if you use the new “reaction roles” feature mentioned above.

Community tweets

So far the bot has been posting to Discord - but unfortunately not the other way round. Since the community is tracking way more shops and often times is way faster than any bot it’s now possible to broadcast community-curated submissions to the Twitter accounts.

This is a feature exclusive to very few members that can proxy messages from the community-curated channels directly to the Twitter accounts which greatly increases the range of how many people will be notified.

Announcement channels

All bot-curated channels are now part of Discords “announcement channel” feature, meaning you can follow these channels to get notified about new drops even on your own server.

See here for a detailed guide on how these channels work.

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