December 20, 2020

Merry Christmas

In my last post I talked a bit about the current state and future of this project. My initial plan was to take down the bot with Christmas arriving - but due to recent events it’d be a shame to do that. Tl;dr: the bot stays online!


I’ve found some time today to implement some frequently requested features!


  • Feature: All twitter accounts got their own tracking hashtag instead of all sharing the #ilovertx3000 hashtag.

  • Feature: All twitter accounts now make use of more general hashtags (like the rtx account now uses #RTXon, etc.)


  • Fix: Re-enabled all Amazon links. Hopefully this time Amazon doesn’t change URL structure again and we don’t get any controller notifications.
  • New shop: added Gamestop (AT/DE) support
  • New shop: added Mediamarkt (AT/DE) support


  • Fix: The love towards RTX 2000 cards was understandable, but the bot should no longer tweet about them.

The bot stays online

Since the demand for this bot is still insanely high, and the situation of getting RTX cards or a PS5 is still a disaster the bot and all its Twitter accounts stays online.

Good luck, stay healthy and merry christmas!

— Kevin

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