February 14, 2021

Version 0.11.0 Released

This update’s slightly bigger than I thought’d it’s going to be, but well, here we are. As always let’s start with a changelog and talk about details afterwards:



  • Added Discord notifications (see below)
  • Re-enabled Equippr tracking
  • Fixed alternate.de tracking
  • Added crypto support options


  • Re-enabled MediaMarkt tracking
  • Added Saturn tracking
  • Re-enabled amazon.de tracking


  • Added more than 80 additional cards to be tracked (see status page for a list of all tracked cards)


The bot now has a dedicated Discord channel which can be joined here.


It’s completely free, uses the same notification mechanisms as Twitter (meaning it’s equally fast in terms of announcing stock changes) and makes it easier for filtering certain products or regions by simply muting or subscribing to certain channels. All I ask you for is to read and follow the rules (which basically just are: be a decent human-being).

Feel free to invite people, discuss bot- or non-bot-related topics and suggest any channel ideas if you think I’ve missing something (that’s the first public Discord server I’ve set up, so I’m fairly new to this and definitely open for ideas).

MediaMarkt & Saturn tracking

Even though I’ve re-enabled MediaMarkt tracking (which fortunately also works for Saturn) please keep in mind that these sites do use heavy bot protection. Just press F5 a few times on the Saturn page to see what I mean.

This means that it might be that the bot completely misses restocks for these shops. Since these shops do not provide a dedicated API there’s basically nothing I can do to improve this.

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