October 11, 2020

Version 0.4.0 Released

Another Sunday, another (major) update.

Before diving right into the update I’d like to briefly mention that within the last two weeks some folks were reportedly able to purchase a new GPU with the help of my bot. Really made me happy to see that - congratulations, again!


First of all a quick overview of relevant changes:

  • Shops (*):

    • RTX 3000 cards:
    • Added EVGA (EU) shop
    • Added Amazon (UK)
    • Added Amazon (CA)
    • Added Amazon (FR)
    • Re-enabled newegg.com (which should now have way less false positives)
    • Improved Amazon (DE) and Amazon (US) by using Amazons official PA-API
    • PS5:
    • Added Amazon (UK)
    • Added Amazon (CA)
    • Added Amazon (FR)
    • Improved Amazon (DE) and Amazon (US) by using Amazons official PA-API
  • Data gathered by the bot is now persisted in Amazons DynamoDB which makes it possible to set up a dedicated status page in the future (and much more)
  • Implemented stock normalization which should drastically reduce false positives
  • Implemented a “retry” system which should catch errors much more gracefully and increase success rate

(*) = Here’s a compiled list of all supported shops at the moment:

  • RTX3000: amazon.de, amazon.com, Caseking, EVGA (US), EVGA (EU), nVidia Shop (DE), nVidia Shop (US), nVidia Shop (DK), newegg.com, Amazon (UK), Amazon (CA), Amazon (FR)
  • PS5: amazon.de, amazon.com, sony.direct, Amazon (UK), Amazon (CA), Amazon (FR)

Closed source

As some may have noticed the GitHub repository of the bot is “gone” - well, not really, but you shouldn’t be able to see it anymore. The reason is simple: I’ve changed project visibility to “private”. But why?

My initial intentions by open sourcing the bot were 1) to make it able to contribute and 2) to see that it doesn’t do any nasty stuff. While I’m glad for the all the contributions (especially regarding the nVidia Shop) I witnessed that some people still wanted to use my bot / the code for bad things like crawling shops with insanely low delays, blaming me not for documenting on how to run it locally or even wanted to pay me to implement buying functionality for them.

By now I no longer think that having the bot open source is a good idea and hence its source code is no longer accessible for the public. Nevertheless, if you want to contribute to the development you can still get in touch with me and we can talk about it - there’s still much to do and I appreciate all the help I can get.

Since the repository has become private the issue tracker has disappeared too - but I’ll setup a repository for issue tracking and to give an idea what features are currently developed in the future.

The future

My todo is literally endless - let’s talk about what’s to come!

New name

I’m going to rename this entire project with something more appealing than “ilovertx3000”. Even if I still like the name (and its successor will share some similarities) it’s just not really applicable for anything else than RTX3000 cards. More on that soon.

Update schedule

I like updating the bot on Sunday since there’s basically nothing happening in most warehouses. Major updates (like new Shops, …) will be released on Sundays while bug fixes or minor changes might be applied on the fly.

More bots & upcoming products

With AMDs new CPUs and GPUs on the horizon it’s likely (depending on stock availability) that I’ll launch bots for these products. If you have any ideas for other products please drop me a message on Twitter!

Mail notifications

A feature which is pretty highly requested are mail notifications which is going to be implemented soon. This will also enable people to subscribe specifically to certain products and shops to filter notifications.

Implementing this feature will take a bit more time since it requires a dedicated user interface, user login and all that kind of fun stuff. But we’ll get there, I promise.

Status page

There’s no way of knowing if the bot is currently running. A lot of people message me because they don’t know if the bot is running or not. Answering that question is always the same: as long as the Twitter accounts doesn’t say anything else the bot is always running.

But I get it - it would be cool to see if it’s working - and hence a dedicated status page will be released soon.

Hope you like the update and will soon be able to get a new GPU / console / …!

— Kevin

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